Online Maker Workshops with Kathy Ceceri

We have teamed up with Kathy Ceceri for a series of online at-home workshops that you can do all summer long! Click on the links below for fun summer activities.

BOTS-┬áLearn how robots work, from soft stretchy crawlers to mechanical walkers to programmable robots. See some of the simple projects contained in Kathy’s book BOTS!, including working robot hands, light-up sensors, and motorized robots made from everyday stuff. Then make your own Walking Robot Dog using only paper and scissors!



Fabric and Fiber Inventions–┬áLearn how fabric is made, and then turn an old t-shirt into a handy carry-all!



Paper Inventions– Take a look at some paper models that behave in unusual ways, and learn how to make them!



Musical Inventions Find out how to use science to design your own musical instruments!