Automatic Renewal of Library Materials

Starting May 1, 2024, Monroe County Library System has introduced automatic renewals. Now, eligible items will automatically renew with a courtesy notice sent via email to let you know which items you have checked out have been renewed. Below is additional information about automatic renewal.

What is automatic renewal?

Starting in May of 2024 you will no longer have to remember to renew most books, DVDs, or other physical items you have borrowed from MCLS Member libraries. If the item is eligible to be renewed, it will be automatically renewed for you 4 days before its due date. Loan periods will extend from their current due dates. Renewal periods will be the same length as the original loan period. Eligible items can be renewed up to 2 times automatically.

How do automatic Renewals work?
Four days before an item is due, the item will be automatically renewed if:

Text notifications for auto-renewal are not available at this time. If you have any questions, please call your local library; we will gladly assist you.

Which items automatically renew?
Most physical items (Books, DVDs, audiobooks, CDs, etc.) are eligible for up to 2 automatic renewals, as long as another person has not placed a hold and your account is in good standing.

Which items are NOT eligible for renewal?
An item won’t auto-renew if:

How will I know if an item is automatically renewed?
Autorenewal notices are sent via e-mail 4 days before an item is due. The notice will list each renewed item and the new due dates. You will also be notified of any items that weren’t renewed. Anything that does NOT renew, you will get a coming due notice the next day.

It is always a good idea to check your online account or via a service desk since courtesy reminders occasionally get blocked.

Do I have to sign up for automatic renewals?
No. This is an automatic service through MCLS and requires no sign-up on your part.

Will I have a shorter overall loan period?
No. Items are renewed from the current due date.

Can I opt out of automatic renewals?
No, auto-renewals will occur automatically for any eligible item checked out as long as the library account is in good standing. You can always return items as soon as you are finished with them.

Can I still manually renew materials?
Yes, If you wish to renew an item before its automatic renewal, simply renew it via your account online or at a service desk. Manual renewals will still count towards the maximum allowed renewal limit (most often 2 renewals).

What is the renewal limit?
Renewal limits vary by item. However, most eligible items can be renewed up to 2 times.

If an item did not automatically renew and I don’t return it on time, are there still fines?
If the library where you borrowed the item has fines or fees, then they will still be applied to overdue items.