Hands-Only CPR Kits come to MCLS Member Libraries

Monroe County residents no longer need to stand by helplessly when someone suffers cardiac arrest. They can now learn to save lives with CPR from the comfort of their own homes. Hands-Only CPR training kits are available to borrow from select Monroe County Libraries.

Thanks to a collaboration from the American Heart Association, UR Medicine, and the Monroe County Library System, learning Hands-Only CPR can happen in the comfort of home, office, or classroom.

Our region has some of the lowest bystander-performed CPR rates in the country. This has a profound negative effect on our community and its health. The American Heart Association, Monroe County Library System, and UR Medicine are looking to improve access to Hands-Only CPR training for the Rochester and Monroe County region. By improving access to training, we hope to see an improvement in our bystander CPR rates and, ultimately, in patient survival and outcomes following cardiac arrest.

Additionally, a Hands-Only CPR training kiosk has been at the Central Library for a few weeks with patrons and library staff aiming for high scores while they develop and hone their Hands-Only CPR skills. The unit includes a touchscreen with a video program to provide brief training followed by a practice session and a 30-second test. It has a built-in, rubber torso, or manikin, to guide proper hand placement as well as compression rate and depth. It offers real-time feedback to strengthen the technique.

The Hand-Only CPR kits are available to be checked out and returned at any public library in Monroe County, just as with other library materials.

CPR Kit Contents:
· 1 red manikin bag,
· 1 adult, inflatable manikin
· laminated instruction sheet Website: Other Training Resources:

Check out our Library Catalog to see where you can borrow a Hands-Only CPR Kit