Tax Time is Here!

The 2021 state and federal income taxes due date is April 18, 2022. The Central Library will have the 2021 Federal IRS 1040 Instructions and Form Booklet (English and Spanish) as well as the 2021 New York State tax forms and instructions available at the Central Library on the 3rd floor in the Science, History & Social Sciences Division (585-428-8110). Federal publications are anticipated to be available at the end of January; State publications in February. Forms may also be available at additional MCLS libraries. Please call your local library to confirm.

Free copies of IRS tax forms and instructions can be ordered online at or by calling 800-829-3676. Forms can also be downloaded at

Federal Economic Impact Payments – Stimulus Payment Resources

Federal Tax Returns


IRS Online Tax Forms, Instructions and Publications

Where to File Federal Tax Returns

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New York State Tax Returns

Reminder: Electronic filing for income tax is closed; you cannot submit e-filed income tax returns until the new filing season opens in 2022. We anticipate the season will open in late January.

Which Form Should I Use?

Where to File New York State Returns

If enclosing a payment (check or money order with *Form IT-201-V), mail your return to:

State Processing Center
PO Box 15555
Albany, NY  12212-5555

*this form is available at the Central Library

If not enclosing a payment, mail your return to:

State Processing Center
PO Box 61000
Albany, NY  12261-0001

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Tax Guides

Please Note: Library staff cannot provide tax help or advice but will be happy to help you locate tax forms in paper if available and online.

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